The Story of Collino

Crafted for lasting comfort

The Men behind the Brand


Collino is a dream come true for its two visionary creators who aspire to build home furniture that is comfortable and visually stunning for today’s modern living.


Over the course of nearly 20 years, the creative duo has relentlessly pursued the idea of endless possibilities and worked hard to materialise their dream. Since 2000, they created and supplied unique and never seen before furniture pieces to the market through third party labels which were successfully accepted all around the world.


After countless research and developments, the creators decided to take a bold step forward to launch Collino in March 2019, in line with their quest to establish an aesthetic that embodies their idea of a new future for the modern living. Through the brand, the pair creates a diverse range of artworks that combines different epochs and styles harmoniously.

The Work of Art


Collino features wooden furniture pieces that are timeless, distinctive and show-stopping.  The exquisite collections, filled with a refined colour palette, natural materials and warm textures, give vitality to space and have the ability to express one’s story.


The concept and design approach are drawn from the Scandinavian modernism that emphasize on clean lines, simplicity and functionality. Each piece of the collections was meticulously crafted with distinguished signature details and architectural aesthetic that celebrates the natural beauty of wood.


Collino’s design philosophy has an intense focus on function and form. The creators believe that a well-constructed furniture should truly provide lasting comfort in a beautiful manner.